Impound Information

Impound Info

 If your vehicle has been impounded or towed by Bunting's Garage, please read the following information to retrieve your vehicle or articles from  your vehicle.

Please note that you MUST have a police release form before your vehicle or any items can be released.

If you have been involved in an accident, contact your insurance company  first to determine if you have full coverage, if the towing charges are  covered, and how the vehicle will be handled.  If your insurance company  is going to handle the vehicle, please call and notify us.

If your vehicle is not paid for and removed from the lot within a reasonable amount of time, we are permitted to dispose of the vehicle to  obtain towing and storage fees with proper notification to the owner.   

Payment Terms
Payment is CASH only 

Delaware State Police Locations

Click here for locations of Delaware State Police Troops.

Millsboro Police Department

Click on the link below for Millsboro Police Department information.

Dagsboro Police Department

Click on the link below for the Dagsboro Police Department information.